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In Construction Building Inspections Landsdale

In Construction Building Inspections Landsdale offers tailored inspections based on your building’s specifics, whether it’s a single or double-storey construction. We advise a minimum of three inspections for optimal oversight:

  1. Roof Frame Inspection (covering all construction up to this stage)
  2. Lock-Up Stage Inspection
  3. Practical Completion Inspection

We ensure that inspection reports are promptly delivered to the Builder within a 24-hour timeframe.

Building Inspections Perth
Building Inspections Perth

Our Services

Construction Building Inspections FOR PRIVATE CLIENTS

In Construction Building Inspections Landsdale conducts stage-based inspections tailored to client needs, accommodating both single and double-storey projects. We recommend a minimum of five inspections for comprehensive coverage:

  1. Slab Stage
  2. Brickwork Stage
  3. Roof Frame Stage
  4. Lock-Up Stage
  5. Practical Completion Stage

Upon request, we can directly forward the inspection reports to your Builder.

Building Inspections Perth
Building Inspections Perth
Building Inspections Perth
Building Inspections Perth


Perth’s Trusted Building Inspections by Master Building Inspectors. We take great pride in being among the top independent building and property inspection companies in Perth. As expert building inspectors, Master Building Inspectors delivers unparalleled services across Perth.

Why You’ll Rest Easy with Your Purchase:
  1. Our Building Inspectors skip the quick walk-throughs for thorough inspections.
  2. Expect your building inspections report in two days or less.
  3. We collaborate with builders or real estate sales agents to promptly address any building and structural concerns.
  4. Our prime goal is safeguarding your investment, so we don’t cut corners on inspections.
  5. Reach out anytime; we’re available to discuss inspection findings at your convenience.
Avoid the sting of buyer’s remorse when committing to a new home. Stamp duty is a hefty sum, and changing your mind isn’t a walk in the park. Call us before you ink the deal if you can, and if you’ve already made an offer, get us in pronto.


Building Inspections Perth
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Looking for a Building Inspection Company prioritizing excellent customer service? At our company, count on:

Why you should get a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Protecting Your Investment

We're here to assist you in safeguarding your investment for a worry-free night's sleep. We offer a comprehensive and detailed property inspection for the address in Perth you're contemplating for purchase.

Timely Inspection and Report

We complete your inspection and issue your building report within two days, so you can make an informed decision about the property you are considering purchasing.

Comprehensive Service

Australian Home Inspections offers a complete service, guiding you seamlessly through the process of constructing or acquiring a property from beginning to end.

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HQAS is an established independent Building Inspection Company specialising in inspections of residential dwellings during Construction or Established.

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